The Pros and Cons of Weight Machines

I hate January. Every January, my gym is full of people who have resolved to turn over a new leaf and become, once again, physically fit. The machines are overrun, I have to wait in line forever, and the locker room is crowded. Then, like clockwork or the swallows returning to Capistrano, come mid-February, people begin to drop off and the gym begins to thin out.

Okay, so it’s not that I don’t admire people for wanting to make a change in their lives. I applaud them for that. What I do think is sad is the lack of forethought that went into the plan. A gym will not change your life. If it did, no gym would do annual membership drives in January when they know yearly resolutions are strongest in our minds.

Only a change in your behavior will change your life, making new behavior a part of your daily routine. It is for that reason I believe that most people would get farther with their goals if they invested in one or two really great home gym pieces or even a home gym machine. There are, of course, several other advantages of home gym machines that make them optimal for the person who desires to make some serious life changes without breaking the bank. weight packing machine

Fitness equipment can be as expensive or as cheap as you wish. It isn’t necessary to shell out several thousand dollars to get started in home fitness. There are, of course, some basics no home gym should be without. One would be a good set of weights. These can be had rather inexpensively. I purchased my first set for less than $150 and I still own them (and use them too!).

A weights machine doesn’t have to be a luxury. While some top models are priced in excess of $3400, a solid machine can be had from Weider, rated as one of the top five best, for about $400. Many department stores carry weight machines, including Sears and Walmart, and it is quite possible to purchase weight machines at a discount, if one knows how to shop the off season (usually not January, as many people look to buy such equipment then. It is also possible to shop stores in your town that specialize in second hand sports equipment at a much reduced rate.

Having a good set of weights and a weights machine are preferable, in many respects, to a gym. Most gyms charge signing fees beyond monthly fees. Even at discounted rates, you will still spend more per year than on a good piece of equipment. Think about it. One major chain, who will remain unnamed because they have better lawyers than I, charges $149 initiation fee and $24 a month. That comes to $437, just about the cost of the Weider Weights machine. Now, let’s factor in the cost of gas to drive back and forth and the price of that shake you just have to have on the way out. You just about doubled the cost, didn’t you?

Here’s another factor to consider: convenience. If you find yourself dragging when you come home from work, it’s quite unlikely that you will jump into car and drag yourself over to the overcrowded gym. It’s far more likely that you can talk yourself into ten minutes of working out at home. While ten minutes might not sound like much, it’s better than lying on sofa, telling yourself that you really will go to the gym tomorrow.