Time For Summer! Here Are The Top 20 Pool Tips To Ensure The Safety Of All Your Family & Friends

It’s the summer season and everybody is excited about an up and coming pool party that you are organizing, either with your friends or with your family and relatives. A pool party spells F-U-N and nothing makes sure it stays fun more than keeping everyone safe.

A day or early on the day of the party make sure that you have properly treated the pool water with swimming pool chemicals and that it is sparking clean so that it will be ready for your guests when they begin to arrive. They won’t have to wait before they are allowed to get into their swimming gear and go for a swim to cool off. Keep all the pool chemicals under lock and key to be sure that no one accidentally gets their hands on them. Chemicals for swimming pools can be hazardous if they are not properly used. flotation reagent

You may serve food and drinks by the poolside just make sure that there is enough space for the guests to walk around. You don’t want anyone with a plateful of food or a glassful of drink ending up in the swimming pool just because there isn’t enough space to move about in. Drinks should be limited to sodas, iced teas, water, and juice. Alcoholic beverages are not a good combination with pool parties so it would be best if there are none available.

Assign someone to act as a lifeguard particularly if there are children present among the guests. There is a tendency for the adults to become so engrossed in talking with each other that the children are sometimes overlooked. You can even make each of the guests do their own lifeguard stint by letting them draw a number so they know it’s their turn to watch over the swimmers. If it is imperative for the assigned lifeguard to leave his or her post, the next person in the list would be the one to stand in.

Keep a cordless waterproof phone by the poolside and make sure all your guests know where to find it in case they need to call an emergency hotline. You’ll never know when that life-saving call might be needed. Provide other pool rescue equipments like ring buoys, pool safety lines, and reaching poles. Make sure all access points to the pool are clutter free particularly along the step ladders to avoid any untoward accidents.

Non-swimmers particularly children should be wearing flotation devices to aid them during their swimming attempts. Organize a buddy system where an adult would always accompany a child regardless of the presence or absence of a lifeguard. Make sure that the child is well aware that he or she is not allowed to get into the water without their assigned buddy.